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Macular Disease Foundation Australia
Personal Stories

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Dennis' story

It is unusual to see a wave the size of a mountain on the horizon, but that’s exactly what 66-year-old north coast fisherman Dennis Sutton saw last year as he was preparing for another day of mullet fishing. Even more unusual was that the wave shifted on the horizon every time Dennis moved …

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Alicia's story

Alicia Thompson is a professional businesswoman in her forties with a husband, a teenage son and a love of knitting. Not much different from many women you’d meet on the streets of a busy city, except that Alicia has lost 95 per cent of her sight …

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Helen's story

Eight years ago I noticed I had problems reading in low light and attributed this to just getting old. I ignored the flashes of light that came soon after as I was so busy with my medical work. I am a public health physician...

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Pat's story

MD arrived in my life at the end of 2000. At first I thought that I had cataracts and did nothing about it immediately. After about four weeks I visited our GP who referred me to an eye specialist who referred me to a retina specialist...

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Photograph of Ronaldo Alfredo.

Jill's story

To be honest, when I was first diagnosed, the experience was quite shattering. It was an awful feeling. My sister was already blind from Macular Degeneration and I have three other siblings with the disease so it was horrible to hear I had it too...

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Photograph of Ronaldo Alfredo.

Janet's story

I was diagnosed in November 1995 with Macular Degeneration. At that time there was no cure, no treatment and little was known about the disease. It was devastating to be told I could lose my sight...

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Photograph of Ronaldo Alfredo.

James' story

My macular degeneration was discovered in late 2010 on my annual eye check up. I have type 2 diabetes and it is part of the treatment to have your eyes tested every 12 months, which is how I came around to being diagnosed...

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Photograph of Ronaldo Alfredo.

Bill's story

I have macular degeneration in both of my eyes. I am doing very well at the moment though...

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